Transforming Global Business Cultures


JapAm® is a business management system customized to blend the best of the American and Japanese work cultures. The JapAm® program transforms your existing business practices to create a successful business culture designed to increase personal and corporate performance. Increase your success with the management system that enhances your overall goals to create a very positive, productive culture in your organization.

Built on a strong foundation of people, the JapAm® course promotes the transformation of your business culture to effectively manage the globalization issues that confront every business. Profitability and sustainability are two important outcomes from the implementation of an organization’s restructuring with this program. JapAm® gives you the tools, skills, balance and perspective to succeed in a dynamic business world.

JapAm® is not a theoretical approach to business. These concepts evolved from real world experiences gained by transforming average companies into world-class enterprises. While JapAm® grew out of Japanese/American business experiences, its lessons apply to business cultures throughout out the world. The course was designed by a business professional for business professionals

Who should take this course?

  • Senior execs, CEOs & board members
  • Managers, sales professional & line workers
  • Corporate strategic and financial planners & CFO's
  • Companies with employee morale or productivity issues
  • Restructured organizations