Andrew Hansen

Andy Hansen dream growing up on an Iowa farm was to own and run his own business. Andy was not afraid of hard work. At the age 10, he was a paperboy; while in high school, he worked at a greenhouse and grocery store. Later, he worked at the counter in his hometown lumberyard.

After training with a large international company, Andrew Hansen became an international marketing director with responsibility for worldwide sales. He spent an extensive amount of time in Southeast Asia. At 29, he helped turn the company around.

In 1979 Andrew Hansen became partner in a failing company that was in dire need of help. The company’s annual sales had plummeted to $300,000. In 1993, when Mr. Hansen sold his partnership interest, company sales had reached over $100 million.

In 1983, Mr. Hansen became industry chairman of the Avian Influenza task force for the egg industry. He was also a member of a joint state, federal, and industry task force. He spent almost every day handling the related communications and public relations. Working closely with Senators Heinz and Spector and with Secretary of Agriculture Block to acquire over $63 million to help save the American poultry industry.

Since selling his partnership interest in his previous company, Mr. Hansen has been involved in two turnarounds – one computer control, one international. He has also started two more companies of his own. Mr. Hansen has been involved with businesses in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Philippines, Germany and the U.S.

Today, Mr. Hansen divides his time between consulting, board memberships and ownership of nine different companies in a variety of industries. Currently Mr. Hansen spends about 40% of his time internationally and 60% domestically. His turnaround successes total more than $750 million annually.

Mr. Hansen applies the JapAm® business system to all organizations he has worked with.