Online Education

JapAm® offers online courses structured in a tiered approach to knowledge acquisition and application

Online courses to begin December 1, 2005
  • Bronze
  • - Foundation - $1,295.00
  • Silver
  • - Initiate Change - $1,295.00
  • Gold
  • - Identification - $1,295.00
  • Platinum
  • - Building the Culture - $1,295.00

While these courses are self-paced, requirements include successful completion of projects that apply knowledge outcomes to your individual organization. Feedback will be provided and assessment is needed to advance to the next tier. Our goal is for you to apply the skills learned to establish a business culture designed to meet the goals of your organization.

Upon registration, you will receive access to your online course and a packet of materials will be shipped to you within 48 hours of registration.